We have developed a number of policies for our churches. These may vary from state to state:

  • Work Health Safety

CCCAust has prepared a standard WHS Policy that can be applied in all our churches Australia wide.  The aim of the Policy is to allow churches to conform to the Governments rules yet limit the administration in carrying this out.  The policy below is 3-4 pages long, but then includes templates and information to help churches apply the policy.  Currently WHS rules are consistent in all states except Victoria, and the WHS allows for this. Generally any church who employs a Staff member must comply with the WHS Policy.  (See Manual for slight difference in Victoria) We would recommend that all churches consider implementing the procedures in this manual as we have a duty to our Communities to provide a safe place for people to congregate.
The Policy is available below for download in Word format so churches can add their name and logos to the Policy to make it their own.  All churches have different systems and building requirements so churches will need to work through the Policy and modify it to suit themselves.
WHS Policy PDF

Please Note:

Churches will need to take the policy and adapt it to their situation.

The online induction courses are still being prepared and will be released when completed.  In the mean time, your onsite Induction will need to cover off the intent of the WHS manual.

  • Child Protection
    • There are two Child Protection Policies available for our churches to use.
      • A simplified Policy that contains two parts
        • An Online training module that will check individuals WWCC approval status, provide basic good behaviour protocols through a video training course.  To access this training churches need to sign up and apply to Safe Ministry.  The training costs $10 per person. The training can be accessed at https://safeministrytraining.com.au/.  This training works for all States except SA.  (Will work in SA once the WWCC system is placed online – coming soon).
        • A Policy Document that provides a basic Child Protection Policy and templates to allow the church to implement the Policy.  The Policy has been developed to conform to the Children’s Guardians sample Policy on the NSW website which was developed following the Royal Commission.  Once the final finding are fully released we will revisit and update the Policy as required.  The Policy is generic for churches so each church will need to look at the policy and modify it to suit their requirements.  Currently the Policy is set up for NSW Churches and has contact numbers for NSW Agencies.  Churches would need to modify these to suit their State.  The Policy is provided in Word format to allow churches to standardise it to their own situation.  The Policy can be downloaded here.
          Church Child Safe Policy
      • Child Safe:  A more complex and fully online system called Child Safe is also available to churches and is available through CCCVaT.  To access this system and for pricing please contact Paul Gould (paul@cccvat.com.au) in the CCCVaT Office.
  • Marriage Rites
  • Employment Contract Template
    • (Will be available for download soon)