Again, we were blessed with Great Speakers at the 2012 National Conference held at Craigmore CC in SA! Please take advantage of these free downloads, here for your edification, challenge and encouragement.

Speaker Message Topics Session mp3
Darrell Bock The Spirit as Agent of Formation & Leadership Session 1 .mp3
Darrell Bock Spiritual Identity & Leadership Session 2 .mp3
Martin Garcia Progress or Regress Session 3 .mp3
Darrell Bock The Road to Wisdom in Leadership Session 4 .mp3
Martin Garcia Strengthening Your Devotional Life Session 5 .mp3
David Smith Seeking After God Session 7 .mp3
Martin Garcia A Movement or A Monument Session 8 .mp3
David Smith Worship Service Session 9 .mp3
Ross Bunyon – Chair CCCAust Info Session Session 10 .mp3


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