Evangelism / Mission

As followers of Christ we are commanded by Jesus to go and make disciples, baptising and teaching them how to obey God. As churches we have a number of support agencies that help churches fulfil God’s desire for his churches.


Working Overseas

Australian Missionary Tidings

AMT is a comprehensive service organisation caring for Christian workers sent out from Christian Brethren churches. AMT provides pastoral care and practical helps to workers and seeks to educate the local churches at home of their responsibility in world mission.
AMT Website: amtglobal.com.au

AMT have MACs (Missionary Advisory Councils) in each state who advise prospective missionaries, churches and serving missionaries as required. These committees are made up of past missionaries who can share and advise based on their experience in the field.


Contact: Ross Brown
Phone: (02) 9837 6751
Email: brot@exemail.com.au


Contact: Gordon Cowell
Phone: 0447 587 703
Email: gordon@harvestproducts.com.au


Contact: Bob Haskard
Phone: 0423 070 681
Email: bob.haskard@gmail.com


Contact: Neil McInnes (Northern Tas)
Phone: (03) 6431 4418
Email: neil.janmac@gmail.com

Contact: Elisabeth Wilson (Southern Tas)
Phone: (03) 6278 9071
Email: elisabeth.wilson@bigpond.com


Contact: Elaine Meers
Phone: 0416 236 093
Email: lhemeers@bigpond.com


Contact: Arthur Rowcliffe
Phone: 0427 296 456
Email: rcliffeng@iprimus.com.au


AMT also support, encourage and recognise short term mission trips and will promote prayer amongst our churches for those engaging in these trips.


Hands and Feet

Hands and Feet exists to provide sustainable help and support to the homeless, the poor, the needy and disadvantaged, the widows and everyone that needs a helping hand locally and internationally. Hands and Feet have received DGR (Deductible Gift Recipient) status and can work with churches to provide a tax effective means for individuals and companies to give financially. The DGR status relates to works associated with advancing education, advancing health and advancing social and public welfare works. Hands and Feet is recognised as a Public Benevolent Institution and can partner with other mission organisations, helping churches direct funds to essential works.
Hands and Feet website: handsandfeet.com.au


GLO Ministries

GLO Ministries is passionate about serving and training all over the world.When it comes to training we endeavour to provide Christ centred, Bible based and mission focused training that is specially designed to equip trainees for service.
Website: gloministries.org.au


Other Mission organisations that can help you

ACM – Armenian Christian Mission www.acmaust.org


Working in our Local Communities

State Networks

Many of our State networks have support services in place to help churches connect and interact with their community. (i.e. Ministry Support NSW) Please check out the State sites to see what financial and support systems are in place to help churches grow and connect with their community.
(Link to State Networks page)


Hands and Feet

Hands and Feet provide services to the poor and needy and in this process, connect the needy with local churches. Local churches can partner with Hands and Feet, with the local church providing services to the needy and being resourced by Hands and Feet. Check our how your church can connect with your local community.
Hands and Feet website: handsandfeet.com.au



A yearly handbook is produced providing details on local churches and para church ministries. The handbook has a number of helps for churches including a list of itinerant teachers for each State. This is a great resource for churches who are small and are looking for help to populate their teaching program for the year. If you would like additional copies of the handbook or would like to update your information please email info@cccaust.com.au



A recent study undertaken by McCrindle Research shows that camping has a significant impact in winning people to Christ. It also has an impact in helping people grow in Christ. Young people who attend as helpers develop leadership skills and go on to be effective in church leadership. Our camping programs around Australia allow churches who get involved to have a significant impact in peoples lives. Check out the opportunities for your church to develop your youth and the send children from your community to our Christian Camps.

For a list of camp sites visit the Conference Centres page here.