Stewards’ Foundation of Christian Brethren

Purpose Statement: To provide financial support and services for Christian Community Churches and associated organisations to grow and flourish.

Constituted to support the Christian Brethren movement, the Foundation:

  1. Provides finances for Brethren Churches (Loans to churches)
  2. Acts as Trustees for Church Property
  3. Provides Insurance for Churches
  4. Owns & Operates Retirement Villages
  5. Funds Christian Schooling within Australia
  6. Administers funds for Australian Disasters

Contact Details
Phone: (02) 9547 3110


Christian Brethren Trust

The CBT acts as a Trustee for the majority of Christian Brethren Fellowships as well as camp properties, Retirement homes & hostels, provides finance for capital works and undertakes the overall management of the retirement hostels.

Mr Leigh MinehanPhone: (03) 9434 1926

Business Manager:
David OwensPhone: (03) 9894 1796