29th June 2010

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2nd August 2008

The expanded National Committee met on 2nd August, 2008 to welcome new participants from Western Australia, South Australia and Tasmania. The Inaugural National Conference held in Philip Island in June 2008, asked National Committee to look at the following National Initiatives and to regularly report back on the progress of those initiatives via this web site, letters to assemblies, state based newsletters and state based meetings as appropriate. The suggestions from the National Conference were summarised into the following categories:

  1. Training
  2. Prayer support
  3. Youth

The importance of these initiatives were discussed and the best way to begin action on each one was reviewed. The following action was taken:

  1. Training – asked the Bible colleges (Mueller, Emmaus, SA, Perth) to put together a status of their teaching programs and how they can be accessed by local assemblies through-out Australia
  2. Prayer support – If you want to participate in a monthly prayer update specifically around National Initiatives, please add your name to the email list via the “Prayer” Tab (Church Services).
  3. Youth – no specific update, more planned for next meeting