Hands and Feet partner with churches to provide a Helping Hand in times of Need.

We presently have four ways in which we help people in need.

HANDS AND FEET SYDNEY:  Hands and Feet Sydney provide food to the homeless, food to schools to feed children who come to school without breakfast or lunch and food hampers to families in crisis. Local churches interface with the families in need and pass on the food and supplies that have been donated to Hands and Feet. In addition to food, churches also provide:

  1. Budgeting Care: A course to help people budget their finances13178702_594686774041398_5708319030261912747_n
  2. Job Care: A course run in churches to help people prepare for employment and to find work.

SIMPLE LOVE:  Works with Refugees and Asylum Seekers and helps them assimilate in a new society.

EPHRAIM HOUSE:  A team in Moree work with the Aboriginal Community to help feed families in crisis and run life skill educational courses for Aboriginal kids who don’t fit into the normal schooling system.

JOSIAH HEALING CENTRE:  Works out of Brewarrina in North Western NSW working with Aboriginal families who are dealing with grief and loss.  They work with families to try and break the drug and alcohol cycle and bring relief to a community where the average male lives for 52 years.

For more information and to get involved or to donate to help the team help people in need checkout the Website:  www.handsandfeet.com.au